Getting Started

I’m sure that there comes a time where every person has asked themselves something along the lines of “How do I start my own business?”, “Where do I learn how to invest?”, or “I want to learn this thing but it’s too expensive”.

Google can usually give you a technical answer but having an experienced person, someone who has been through the process, give you actual advice and sharing their story is something that cannot be replaced by what you can find online.

And this is the idea that Kalpha was conceptualized upon.

When running his restaurant in Melbourne that he bought, Kalpha would have been a pretty good app for Jack, our co-founder, had we existed. “When I was running my restaurant, there was nobody for me to ask for advice. If I had someone more experienced to talk to, it would have been much easier,” he recalls.

Our other co-founder, Jaden, had a different motivation for founding Kalpha. “Most people are actually good enough at something to teach, but there’s no platform for them if they’re not professional” is his go to quote when people ask him why he quit his previous job to found Kalpha.

Different inspirations can lead to the same goal and that’s how Kalpha was founded with two young individuals with different motivations but the same goal in mind: to build a super-app for learning.

In one (very long) sentence to describe us, we are a 1-on-1 meetup learning platform for individuals to connect with others to learn and share any skills, knowledge, and experiences.


My Brownie is Better Than Your Brownie

In Finance, alpha is the excess return on an investment. Kalpha is the combination of “Knowledge” and “Alpha”, where we hope that our users will gain an excess return in terms of knowledge. But how does this happen?

Suppose we want to make a brownie; there are several ways we can go about it. We can just buy the ingredients we think we need and make it the way we think it’s made and hope we succeed. Alternatively, we could also google a recipe for ingredients and instructions and follow it, or lastly, get someone to teach us.

With Google at our fingertips, there is usually no sane reason for anybody to even bother with the first path.

When we google for how to make a brownie, we get the recipe with all the ingredients and instructions. What we don’t get are the small changes that an experienced baker adds to their recipe that makes their brownie a better brownie.

When we learn from this baker instead of from an online recipe, these little tips and tricks that they can share with us is the excess return that we get out of the face to face encounter over Googling for a recipe.

This concept, while simple, can be applied to everything that we do in life, be it studying, working, investing, or to our hobbies. It is almost always more effective to have a good, experienced person guiding you through something that you want to learn or improve on.

The next question to answer is then: Where do I get someone to teach me how to bake brownies?


How Kalpha Works

In an age where the yellow pages were still mainstream, it would’ve been quite difficult to find someone to teach you how to bake brownies without going to a school. Thankfully, we no longer live in that age.

We live in an age where it is possible to download Kalpha on your phone, search for “Brownie” in the search bar, message the Sharer, and get him/her to teach you how to bake. Of course, if you are the experienced baker that we are looking for, you can download Kalpha, click on “Share”, fill in some information, and share with others on how to bake the Best Brownie Ever from you.

As a Sharer, you decide on how much to charge (FREE to $80), how long the Sharing Session will last for, and what your Learner needs to bring. As a Learner, you get to choose your Sharer to learn from, message them to set up a time and location, and of course, pay our Sharer after the session.

After the session, both Learners and Sharers get to leave testimonials and “cheers” for each other, which will let other users know how good of a Sharer or Learner the person was.

While baking is a fun process, it might not be everyone’s thing, and that’s why we have about 10 categories for you to choose from.

From Career & Finance, Life Experiences, Arts & Crafts, Baking & Cooking, Music & Media, Sports & Fitness, Niche Skills, Languages, Technology to Animal Companions, there’s always something to learn on Kalpha!


Sharing is Caring

There are two kinds of people in this world when introduced to Kalpha, those who go “Oh that’s a cool idea” and those who go “Why the heck would anybody use this?”

Suppose you are a grade 5 pianist who’s been playing for many years. You’re not qualified to teach professionally so you can’t teach in a school but chances are you would definitely be good enough to teach someone who just wants to learn for fun and it would be wonderful if there was a platform for you to do it right?

Well, that’s what Kalpha is for!

People can be good enough even though they’re not professionally certified and they can be good enough to share what they love with people even though they are not experts!

Of course, if you are an experienced individual who wants to share your experience and knowledge, you are more than welcome to do so and earn up to $80 per session if you wish to do so.

We have Sharers who want to monetize their skills and knowledge to make some side income and also others who just want to share their expertise for free as they enjoy meeting new people and just swapping stories and experiences.


Knowledge is Treasure

Frank Baum once said that no thief can rob one of knowledge, and that is why it is the best and safest treasure to acquire. Whether you agree with that statement or not, I think we can agree that at the very least, one is almost always better off after learning something new.

But where does Kalpha fit in? The internet has given us countless resources on any given topic and there is a plethora of resources for online learning and professional lessons.

However, when you learn from someone 1-on-1 in person, the lesson is more personalized and our Sharer can give you tips that are relevant to your situation or motivations and in some sense, the course is curated for you.

Also, one thing that we’ve heard quite a bit from our users is that Kalpha gives them the chance to try new things at affordable prices without commitment.

Suppose you’ve always wanted to learn the piano but have never gotten around to it for whatever reason. Now, there’s this Sharer on Kalpha who’s a grade 5 pianist and they’re only charging $15 to teach someone how to play some chords and simple songs. Sure, you might have to travel to the person’s place to learn but its an otherwise perfect opportunity to try your hand at piano playing.

Whether you want to try your hand at a new skill or existing skills with likeminded people, we are the platform for you. And when you are confident enough to share your knowledge and experience with others, you can become a Sharer instead!


A community app for everybody and anybody

“Haha but I have nothing to share” is a sentence that we have literally heard thousands of times. We are an app for everyone and anyone to share skills, knowledge, and experiences and every word in that description is literal.

Whether you want to share investment strategies, travel experiences, piano sessions, or simply how your schooling life was like, you are more than welcome to do so (as long as what you’re doing it legal, of course).

We have Sharers who want to teach others how to invest, how to speak confidently in public, how to bake European bread, and even share tips on what to do in the different countries that they’ve been to. The bottom line is, EVERYBODY has something to share with another person and we are the app for that.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, similarly, the journey of personalized learning begins with the download of Kalpha. Join our community and start learning or sharing with thousands of others!



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